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Well, it looks like I have one on order. Alex Lifeson of Rush is getting his very own ES-355. Its going for about $5600, but luckily my brother works for Long & Mcquade and Gibson products go for around Cost Price -5%, so apparently its $3500. It is confirmed that the first line will be a limited run, and apparently on the first shipment of the limited run, the serial number will be AL01 - AL25. Looks like I'll have one of twenty-five of these guitars in the world. Very stoked about it. Its based off the 355, with 4 volume/tone knobs, 3 way pick up selector, but with a 6 way varitone chicken-head switch and a vintage Maestro long vibrola tail-piece/tremolo arm and 2 '57 Classic humbuckers. It is based off the '76, but has the '60's neck which is thin and features an ebony fretboard(compared to current ES, Les Paul, and SG necks).

The best part? My brother is paying for it. Why? Because he has the Geddy Lee signature Fender Jazz Bass, and I need the Alex Lifeson 355 to match him. Also, he says "Its for your birthday." and my birthday is not until November. So I am really excited about that.
My current gear list is as follows...

Used in my band for practice and shows (all rackmount)
Marshall JMP-1 Preamp
Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2 : Ninety Power amp (8 6L6's)
Marshall 1960A Lead Cab

Pedal Board (Going from guitar to amp)
MXR Line Boost
BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus
BOSS NS-2 Noise Supressor

Ibanez RG370DX (blocked bridge)
Ibanez VBT700

Everything else
Korg Rackmount Tuner

Recording Studio and Everything else (almost everything from above is included in here
Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder
Marshall MicroStack (use for home sometimes)

BOSS 1987 Turbo Overdrive
BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone
Jim Dunlop Classic Crybaby Wah-Pedal

Washburn Acoustic
Ibanez AX-7 String
Epiphone Dot Studio
Home-made guitar with an Ibanez 777 neck and fixed bridge w/ Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge

Coming soon...
BOSS BF-3 Flanger pedal
BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay
Gibson Alex Lifeson Signature ES-355
Fender Japanese Aerodyne Strat (No more are in production and features better craftsmanship than it's American Counterpart)
Peavey Vandenberg NTB See-thru Purple

Here is a picture of the 355.

Alex Lifeson Signature Gibson ES-355!