It's been a while, big news!

2010-08-17 19:10:37 by Erikio

Hello Newgrounds! It's been a while.


Since the last update, a lot has changed. My band Stella's debut EP "A Moment to Reflect" has reached thousands of fans across the globe, and alongside several Western Canadian tours and an extensive 5 month American tour, has helped us gain a solid fanbase. With help from our label Arc of the Universe and several close friends of ours, our fanbase and careers are growing!

We've recently wrapped up recording of our new debut full-length album "Surrey's Finest", which we are very excited about. Concepted after an old school hip-hop album, it includes skits, interludes, and vocals laid down by Harlem rapper E-Pillz. The album set to drop in few weeks with a Canadian-American tour spanning August 29th to December 15th to help spread it around to all you beautiful people! (we'll keep you posted on our tour dates). We are having a pre-release of a song off our new album called "Coast 2 Coast". I will post it to the Audio Portal and hopefully you guys enjoy it! You can also download the pre-release by joining our ReverbNation mailing list!

Friend us on Facebook, Myspace, and join our ReverbNation mailing list to stay updated and receive exclusive content and all our pre-releases!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and listen to the song!

Peace, love, and unity.

Erik of Stella.


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Erikio responds:

You don't say?