Record label and tour? Ballin' shit.

2008-08-26 03:49:05 by Erikio

So my band Stella just signed with a small label called Arc of the Universe. We're recording our album currently, and will be done by mid September most likely. Right after that, we're on tour for 11 days. We start in Vancouver, head over to the island, loop back around, hit some northern cities, the interior, and then over to Alberta to play Calgary and Edmonton before we head home.

Fuckin' so stoked and excited for it all. If you are in any applicable city, come check us out and get drunk.

Closer to tour time I will make an updated post with the exact venues and dates. Unfortunately, every date will most likely be a 19+, all clubs and bars.


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2008-09-06 17:35:07

congratulations kayla

Erikio responds:


If you didn't read properly "my band STELLA". Look under the artists.